Bigg Boss Kannada elimination: Who will be evicted in 15 week in Sudeep's show?

The season of Bigg chef Kannada is nearly finished with just fourteen days made to its grand finale.  Vasuki Vaibhav has come to be the very first contestant to get into the previous point of this simple fact display by winning at the'ticket into the finale'. 
Sparkle Shetty and also Kuri Prathap would be the 2 contestants that are safe that this week undoubtedly.  As the previous was a fantastic entertainer and competition from the actions, Kuri Prathap has been doing pretty well from the actions.  He previously had a enormous fan after even just before going into the series. 

The truth is that Prathap's innocence and oneliners from the series have significantly helped him to grow his lover after.  The second contestant who might possibly be potentially safe and sound this week's not one aside from Harish Raj.  Like sparkle, he's granted his greatest shooter as it regards actions.  Aside from if he's lost or won day-to-day struggles, his soul and devotion todo have amazed that the buffs.  He wants to maintain the finale.  That leaves Priyanka, Deepika and also Bhoomi Shetty at the risk zone.

Sticking to Bhoomi, she had been magnificent at the first months and better compared to Vasuki.  Regrettably, she lost attention mid way along with also her off-the actions activities failed to move well together with the audiences.
Priyanka, Deepika along with Bhoomi Shetty at Danger

 She'd failed to construct adequate relations together with another offenders.  Where-as Deepika's difficulty with Chandan Achar delivered lots of adverse opinion concerning her into the crowd.
That would be eliminated this past week? 

Prediction: when we've to choose 1 name on the list of trio,'' Priyanka really should stand outside of Sudeep's series, however, Bhoomi Shetty may possibly be evicted.  But, Bigg chef is well notorious for casting surprises plus you ought to be amazed when Harish has gone going of this series.
Priyanka, Deepika Das and also Bhoomi Shetty possess their very own pluses and minuses', however, the largest draw back to these is consistency.  At the very first few weeks, both Priyanka and Deepika they left no affect the audiences. 
Due to the fact the removal happens perhaps not simply predicated around the present week's operation, among Priyanka, Deepika and also Bhoomi Shetty needs to have demonstrated the entranceway from Bigg chef Kannada 7.

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